Sound The Alarm

Most people recognize the importance of having fire alarms in their home, but very few regularly take the additional steps necessary to ensure that their family is safe in the event of a fire. Ensuring that the fire alarm is regularly tested and maintained, as well as having a plan in place can save both lives and property. Ensuring Proper Alarm Placement It is essential to have fire alarms in several places throughout your home. Read More 

Fire Alarm Systems For Your Home Or Business – What Do You Need?

Fire alarm systems are found in both residential and commercial buildings. These systems are custom designed to suit the needs of each structure. If you are considering having a fire alarm system installed in your home or business, you could benefit from learning about the different types and elements of fire alarm systems and how to find a system that is best for your home or business. Types of Fire Alarm Systems Read More 

Three Keys To A Smart Home Security Sytem

You might think that home security is one of those things that you don't need—until the day comes that you do. You hear about home invasions on the news from time to time, so you have to know that it is a possibility, but when you look at the high cost of home security systems, it is easy to dismiss an invasion as something that just won't happen to you. If you want to improve the security of your home without the cost of traditional home security, you should look at smart monitoring devices. Read More 

What Are Your Best Home Perimeter Defenses?

If you're interested in increasing the safety and security of your home (and most importantly, your family), you may be looking into home security systems. However, many commercial security systems are triggered only when an exterior door opens or a window breaks. This may not give you enough time to react in self-defense or get your family to safety. What can you do to help alert yourself of any potential intruders without breaking the bank? Read More 

3 Creative Places To Hide A Security Camera

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home, especially if small children are living in the home as well. When it comes to providing you peace of mind, a security system featuring cameras can be beneficial. Not only will these cameras deter potential criminals, but they can help you monitor the child care workers who enter your home on a daily basis. If you want to provide the maximum amount of protection for your children, here are three creative places you can hide a security camera to monitor their interactions on a daily basis. Read More