Reducing The Chance Of Theft Of Your Storage Facility’s Units

If you are a storage facility manager, and you have gotten complaints from your renters that their units have been tampered with recently, you will want to ramp up your security effort to keep their belongings safe. Storage facility theft is an attractive act to thieves as many companies fail to have adequate security available. This makes units easy targets as there are times the grounds are vacant of people utilizing their storage space. Here are some ideas you can use to increase the safety of your facility for your customers.

Install An Access Card System

If your units are housed inside a building, placing an access card system on the exterior of the structure will help keep track of who came in to open their unit at any given time. This type of reader can also be placed at the entryway of the property if your storage units are accessed from the exterior of the building. Each patron would receive an individual card to open a door or gate. This information will be stored on a computer system, allowing you to look back at who had entered and exited. This will help thwart theft as customers will know they are being tracked while on the premises.

Keep A Constant Presence

If you are unable to stick around your facility at all hours, consider hiring a security company to help keep a constant physical presence on the premises. A guard will patrol the entire facility and grounds, checking for any signs of foul play and helping those use their units if they have difficulty inside of them during operating hours. The customers will have the peace of mind they will not be harmed while visiting their unit as there is someone on the property to watch over the actions of all present on the property.

During off-hours, a guard can stay in an office in your facility to monitor outside activity to make sure there are no signs of entry. They will be able to alert authorities immediately if an intruder is noticed. An additional way to keep theft from happening during nighttime hours is by keeping a dog on patrol on the grounds. Make sure to invest in a high-quality fence to contain your pet properly.

Increase Your Lighting

Having adequate lighting on the premises is extremely helpful in keeping theft from happening. A thief will be less apt to try to break into a unit if they fear they will be seen by someone else. Make sure to check all bulbs each day and replace them promptly if they blow out. Increase the amperage of the bulbs so they are bright enough to illuminate the area effectively. Flood lights will also work well at keeping parking areas and unit doors in view of all who are in the area.

Add Video Cameras

Having a surveillance system in place on your property will be helpful in keeping those tempted to try to get into someone else's unit from doing so. They will be aware that they would be on film, making it a risky endeavor to try. Place several cameras within view so those on the premises will be aware of their presence. It is best to also have some hidden cameras to catch people in the act.

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