Additional Features To Consider Before Installing A New Home Security System

In the past, security systems were simpler machines that alerted the authorities if a burglar should break into your home. However, as technology advances, these systems have extra features that can help you protect your home better. For this reason, you need to consider some additional features before installing a new security system in your home.

Backup Power

Some security systems rely on the electricity from your home to power the panels, sensors and lights. On the other hand, this one power source can be an issue during a blackout in your area. To help keep your home secure, even when it does not have electricity, you need to consider backup power for the system.

The backup power source is an external battery that will run your security system if the power goes out. One battery type is a chargeable system that uses your home's electrical system to supply it with power. This option is only for short-term power outages.

If you are worried about prolonged power interruptions, then a solar powered battery is a good option. The battery will use any sunlight it collects to recharge itself, so your security system has the power it requires, even when you have gone days without electricity running through your home.

Flood Alarms

Unfortunately, floodwaters do not always come into your home from the outside. A pipe can burst or your washing machine has a breakdown and spreads water throughout your home. This is especially problematic if you are not home when the flooding begins.

To help reduce the damage from water flooding your home, some security systems have flood alarms. The purpose of the alarms is to identify the water and then notify your security company. The security company then contacts you and the water company in your area, so that the water to your home is turned off.

In most cases, these sensors are placed around certain items that have a chance of creating a flooding situation. Typically, these areas are the water heater, washing machine, dishwasher and exposed pipes in a basement. The more water sensors you have placed throughout your home, the easier it is for the system to be activated should this problem arise.

As with most security systems, these are only two features you can have when you want a new system. By consulting a security company in your area, you can find out which ones they offer and you can have them help you set up the right system for protecting your home.

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