2 Types of Security Systems You Should Consider for Your Business

If you own a business, chances are you want to keep everything and everyone in it safe. There are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to the best security for your business. However, consider the following two most popular types of security systems to keep your property safe:

Electronic Code Entry

Electronic code entry is a type of common security alarm system that can be a great option for any business. If you opt for this type of system, you'll get a wall-mounting keypad with a digital screen which serves as the main point where you'll arm the system. Your installer will program the system to your preferences, and your business will be safe and secure.

With electronic coded entry systems there are is one main drawback. The security system is operated by the pass code. While you may still have control over who has access to the building, if there are rooms, offices, or other areas where you want access limited, you'll have to install a separate keypad with separate programming to operate it for that specific area. You'll also want to change any pass codes periodically to maintain your business's security.

Card Access Systems

A card access system is another great option for businesses. It can provide more security than other systems. You also have the option of having one card access reader for the whole premises, or you can install an access reader at different points of your business where you want access restricted. This may be where you keep customer and client files or computer systems and technological devices, or any other area where you feel you should secure any valuables.

Once you install your card access system, you will use the access card directly for each entry. You can also customize your system to read identification cards at each entry point. Both of these options enable you to choose who has direct access to certain areas of the premises.

The biggest drawback of electronic card access systems, though, is the price. A typical electronic card reader and accompanying equipment for one door can cost, on average, between three and five thousand dollars. If you are equipping more than one area, or more than your main entry, with a card reader, your cost will increase. However, the cost is surely overshadowed by the peace of mind that greater security can provide.

Check with your local security system provider to find the best fit for your business. Sometimes they can help you with a good deal on installation, two-for-one promotions, or other specials they may have. Once your system is in, you can relax knowing your business is safe and secure.